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Grievance Reporting

Rumah Angkat stands by transparency and accountability thus in the event any inappropriate conduct we would try to provide effective channel for complainant to lodge their concern for further action.

In the event any of the residents experience discrimination, harassment and violence by other residents or volunteers, they can report cases to the Case Manager and House Manager, in person or through

Case Manager : yazid[at]
House Manager : rayson[at]

If the resident is unable to confide with the above mentioned personnel, they may proceed to lodge a complaint with the board that oversee the governance of Rumah Angkat via email board[at]

All complaints submitted would be replied within 2-3 working days. Any complaints submitted would be documented and shared within the governing board of Rumah Angkat for evaluation. All responses to complaints will be guided by principles of transformative and healing justice, dignity, and using an evidence and human rights based approach. In the event there is violation, responsible party will be penalised according to the severity of their offence.